This weeks agenda

I sent out my texts asking for jammie sizes from everyone. If they don’t respond soon I will give them a call. I am preparing to do some shopping this weekend. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I may go to amazon to look first. Although I do have 25% plus 15%off at kohl’s right now!

Fliers have been printed for the Fall Festival we are planning. The girls edited it so that will be handed out this week.

Fall Festival shopping will be done next week.

In the midst of it, I am getting one child’s Sr pictures made this weekend and a small post wedding reception for after Thanksgiving for another daughter. To keep my cool I gotta have a plan.

Let the shopping begin. Love having a plan!!!


Fall Festival

I have a crazy idea this year. I want to hold a Fall Festival. Open it up to everyone, my familie’s groups of friend, church, school and work. The more the merrier.

Keep it simple-that’s my goal. Have a chili cook off and we can provide chips, onions and cheese. I’m still thinking of a prize that is simple yet memorable.

It shouldn’t be that hard to set up an apple cider bar, a carmel apple bar and a firepit for smores. Maybe even some hotdogs on the grill.

In one area we can have painting pumpkins and set up the volleyball net at the other end of the yard.

We are still in discussion about music but it is coming together. We are trying to get a friend to play for an hour or so.

I plan on making fliers today to hand out to my neighbors.

I’m hoping for cool crisp air for this celebration of Gods glorious nature.

No need to get complicated. You will enjoy your self so much more if you keep it simple. Such a fun way to experience fall with friends and neighbors. Keeping the peace in the holidays.


Stop the Procrastination!

Are you a procrastinator? I am. I cannot seem to get started on my Holiday to dos without a plan. I need motivation. And people telling me how many days until Christmas only makes me more tense.

Over the years I developed a list with scheduled to dos that start the first week of October. Yes, start now!!

Some of the October to dos include:

1. Make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for

2. Start looking for Christmas jammies (I have found that all the good ones are gone by November).

3. If you dont have a menu made for Thanksgiving and Christmas, make one then divide it by what can be bought now and what to buy late. Then you can look for sales.

4. If you want pumpkins, get them before the 31st because they are gone after that.

5. Start looking for sales for decor, gifts and food.

6. Start planning how you will keep a Christ focus throughout this time. Look at different advents or things you can read together as a family. Do you want to go to a church program together? Look for wall hangings that lead your family to reflect on what Christ has done for us.

7. Make time for Bible study, prayer and self care so you will be a peaceful influence in your house.

Ok. Stop procrastinating, make your list and get it done.


Christmas Jammies

It always seems that by the time I get to shopping for christmas jammies the selection has dwindled. So 2 years ago I determined that I would get jammies for the girls and myself in October.

I’ve already seen them in the stores. With 2 who can only wear cotton, this makes it double hard. Foue daughters, a granddaughter and myself to buy for shopping early ensures that I can find matching for us all. Later in the month, I will get the guys.

Let the Christmas shopping begin.

Getting this out of the way will allow more time to focus on more important things like preparing the advent and creating an environment of peace.


Pumpkin time

I love pumpkin time. Pumpkin spice coffee makes me feel warm and comforted. The many varieties of pumpkins lining the entry way into the marketplace brings me joy. The colors and textures are amazing.

I recently flew to my daughters wedding and so bought a magazine to take with me. Everything you can imagine to cook or bake with pumpkin. Breakfast lunch and dinner as well as desserts.

When I returned I went hunting pumpkins to cook. I bought a few minis, a pie pumpkin, two mystic pumpkins and a Jack o lantern pumpkin. For now they are sitting in my kitchen bringing happiness to my heart. But soon, they will become food for my family.

I did go ahead and make pumpkin scone and pumpkin pancakes from a can last week. I couldn’t wait for a taste of the season. But Saturday…pumpkins, here I come!!!

God is so good to give us change. I believe change wakes us up a little. It gets us out of our rut. We slow down just a bit to notice the differences surrounding us.

Do today, take a moment to notice the change. Maybe in the temperature, the sky, or the grass. Maybe just the feel of the air around you. Wake up to God’s glorious world.

Baking pumpkins


I cannot believe it’s that time again. Time to get out that old holiday planner. I want my holidays as stress free as possible.

My newly married daughter will be here for Thanksgiving all the way from California so the last thing I want to be doing is running around shopping for supplies. I want to be cooking, baking and entertaining.

If you don’t have a holiday planner, right now is a good time to start.

Set some goals for yourself. Draw a picture in your mind how you want your holidays to play out. Write down your images/ideas as a guide. I always want my family to feel Christ’s presence along with peace. That takes intentionality.

So get yourself a notebook and draw, or write out some ideas that represent how you see your holidays. What is one word or phrase that represents the image you have? What is one thing you can do today to ease the stress over the next 2 months and make this image reality? How can you have peace through the holidays?


School Time is Here!

I can’t believe it. School is starting again tomorrow for my youngest. It’s her Senior year and there is so much to contemplate.

We went back to school shopping Saturday along with everyone else, the store was packed. Three generations of girls, out on the town, shopping for back to school clothes and supplies. What a great time we had!

In some ways, going back to school can be celebrated somewhat like a holiday. After shopping we went to lunch then went home to crash. It was a full day!!