Peace Through the Holidays

The Home

I have always believed that my home was and is my biggest ministry.  No matter what else came my way, I felt a huge calling to serve my family and make memories where ever and when ever I could.

This lead to feelings of frustration and being overwhelmed at the holidays.  I wanted to do everything.  The holidays had to be perfect and nothing could be left out.  Concerts, dance recitals, cooking, cleaning and shopping became too much.  I knew I had to have  plan.  So over the last 27 years I wrote down what worked and what didn’t.  I kept track of when our busy times were and began planning around these.  I also started to let go of perfectionism.  I didn’t have to do everything every year.

Last year I gave my daughters a book I had compiled of all that I had learned and am still learning about letting go and enjoying the holidays.  This book included a weekly plan from October through December to spread out the load and focus my heart.  It also included ways to help keep the focus on being thankful for our blessings and the birth of Christ.  The girls kept telling me I should publish it but really it was a labor of love.  I had no desire to do so.

As I continued to think about all  I have learned from being a wife and mom for 30 years, I thought a blog would be a good way to let my experience help others to rest during the holidays and maintain focus in their homes.  I have used this book both as a stay at home mom and now as a full time plus working mom.  It has made my life much more pleasant.  I hope it does the same for others.



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