Setting your focus


A few years ago I started asking God what He wanted me to focus on during the holidays. I started to think about this in October. God has been faithful to provide a theme for my heart each year. I would share this theme with my family as we talked. As I read scripture, anything related to that theme I would journal about.

I would read Luke 2 starting in November to retrain my focus again on why we celebrate the season. This reading has given me new insight each year. It is amazing what the living word of God can reveal as we ponder and meditate on it.

Four or 5 years ago I started to write my own advent because I could not find one to fit what I wanted. Our busy life style with 4 kids and homeschooling did not allow me to do an advent each night for 4 weeks. We had too many events to go to and we just couldn’t fit it in. The perfect advent for me was one lesson a week with an activity and song included. Multitasking!!

I know it is November, but start now. Read Luke 2 and see where God leads you. Ask Him what He wants your heart to focus on this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. God is leading me to focus on Feeling His love this year. How many times do we stop to feel His love for us? Everyday I am going to focus on feeling His love for me.

I was shopping at a thrift store and found a picture that said “You are loved”. I am going to intermix it with my Christmas decore. I will continue to look for items that will help us feel and experience His love for us. So as you shop, look or ways to decorate around your theme. Start where you are today and move forward.

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