Four days until Thanksgiving

Its Monday.  If you haven’t finished shopping it’s time.

You don’t want to be out shopping the night before Thanksgiving.  I did that the first year that I became a full time working mom.  We had to go to 2 stores to find a turkey.  Then the one we found was a smoked turkey, (not our usual).

Make a list of all the dishes you need for Thanksgiving including breakfast.  For our family, that is cinnamon rolls.  After making a list of all the dishes you will need to make, compile all of the recipes.  Write down each ingredient and the amounts to formulate a shopping list.  I have this typed into the computer as my master holiday shopping list.  I usually start shopping for the dry goods in late October spread out the cost.  The week before Thanksgiving I purchase the fresh ingredients.  This was done Saturday.s

Sunday, I cooked the pumpkin and made marshmallows.  I have made assignments to each of my daughters, mother and mother in law.  Wednesday I will come home and bake pies and make the dough for the cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls and put it in the refrigerator over night.

Next post I will break down the morning of Thanksgiving.  Having this plan allows me time to spend time with my family just taking it easy.

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