I have all these plans written and reviewed.  Tried and true.

This morning when I went to get the cooking bag for the turkey I noticed it was for 8 lbs.  My turkey was 20 lb.  I had to recalculate.  For the first time in years I had to cook a turkey  with no baking bag.    Thank you google and Pioneer woman! The turkey turned out perfect.

Mistake number 2.  I set my pumpkin pie mixture next to my kitchen aid with the whipping cream ready to go.  I cracked my egg for the pumpkin pie mixture and into my whipping cream it went.  My last container of heavy whipping cream!   Luckily my brother and daughter were out and stopped at 7 11  to save the day with heavy whipping cream.

I am posting this to say no matter how much you plan, mishaps will happen.  Don’t let that ruin your day.  Figure out how to fix it and move on.  Remember the focus.  Keep a peaceful mind set and make memories!  God is good and blesses us beyond all measure.




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