Advent continued….

When I write an advent for my family I follow the advent theme for lighting the candles. They are hope, love, joy and peace.

As I read devotionals and scripture throughout October I pray for ideas and themes. What has my family been through this year? What are some spiritual needs I see or what do I want them to remember about God and his love.

This year God impressed on my heart that we just needed to feel His love for us. Experience Him in His fullness. He sent His only son. What an amazing love!! What an amazing God.

I found a picture/sign at the thrift store that says “you are loved”. I placed it front and center on the mantle to remind us of that fact this year. No matter how far you have strayed from God’s love in the course of your life you are still loved.

What does your family need this year? What are some spiritual truths you need to remember? Write them down and put some scriptures to them. Write a brief story or devotional. Have a fun activity planned and maybe a Christmas song.

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