A Peaceful Advent

We had our first advent night Sunday night. I was on call so we got interrupted a time or two with a phone call. But we didn’t let that phase us. I forgot to put a pie in the oven, which was part of the advent plan to spark anticipation (hope) as a sensory experience. We closed our eyes and imagined We could smell it. We didn’t let this phase us. The advent continued.

I bought a tiny journal for us each to write what we can do this season to make happen what we really want to see take place. I bought them to have a way to record what we can do in order to feel God’s love for us through out this month.

I used to get very flustered when things did not go as planned. Now I realize it is all a part of making memories. Actually, some of our funniest family memories came from my booboo. I have learned to keep the focus on Christ and keeping the peace.

Go out and remember how much God loves you. He sent His son to rescue us.

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