Rest this Season

My daughter told me she had read something that said women view Christmas season as the most stressful times of the year. That statement left me feeling down. I explained to her that was why I made my binder. So I can know where I am in preparations at all times. No worries.

Celebrating the birth of Christ should not rob our peace. Christ came to bring peace and joy to our lives.

This year our advent has been about feeling the love of Christ. Experiencing His peace. We have journaled about taking control of our lives and setting the atmosphere to enable each one of us to feel His love. This must be intentional in this crazy season.

A few thing I have done to prepare my environment to allow me to feel the love of Christ are as follows:

  • Get up before everyone, light the fireplace, grab a cup of coffee and sit in the quiet with my Bible and journal
  • Leave work for an hour in the middle of the day to run errands and grab a cup of coffee
  • Check my lists frequently so I don’t get behind and loose sight of Christ’s love for me
  • Delegate!!! I am getting better at this. It can make me feel guilty but ultimately it allows me more quality time with my loved ones
  • Combine date night with Christmas errands (distress while getting it done)
  • Find peace somewhere in everyday-a quiet moment and be grateful for what God has given you

Some of these may not sound as if they allow me to feel Christ’s love for me. But when I am feeling the pressure of all the demands of Christmas and all of the expectations, I am tense and cannot let His love in. It is when I am able to let go that I feel His love and peace through the holidays.

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