Advent week 3: Joy

There is only one more weekend before Christmas. Are you keeping the focus? Maintaining the JOY? Or are you feeling frazzled and stressed?

I challenge you to set your table for joy. What can you do to take control of these next few days? HOW DO YOU SET TOUR TABLE FOR JOY? If you neglect to set your table, there will be no feast. The holiday will pass you by and you will have missed the peace that is brought through the baby in the manger.

How can you set your table? It is time to get real about what we can and cannot do? Is there anything that needs to go by the wayside? Let it go! Do you need to sit and make a list of all that needs to get done? Do you need to spend time with your family or time in prayer and reading about the Christ? Whatever you need, do it now. Make room for the manger and the peace it affords.

Then sit back and feel the love of Christ and the joy he brings.

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