Summer holidays

20190527_133252My husband knows one of my favorite sounds is the slosh of the ice chest full of ice and soda  as we take it outside.  That sound brings peace to my soul.  Great family memories are in the making.

It’s not hard to have a great time during the summer holidays.  All you need is food, drinks and a game or too.

1. Load up the ice chest

2. Get some good meat to grill and some chips.  A potatoes salad or Cole slaw make a great addition.  And of course strawberries or blue berries with an angel food cake and whipped topping.

3.  Get an out door game.  It tends to be windy in Oklahoma but we love cards.  Some other games we have are yard jenga and bocce yard ball.  My mother bought Crockett to add to the mix.

4.  To end the night have a fire and roast marshmallows. (Throwing marshmallows at each other thus having a marshmallow war is another in expensive and memorable game that has been know to erupt at our house.)

Shop early, plan for a game  and food, then sit back on the 4th of July and watch everyone play.  What great memories you will have.  I’m already stocking up on red, white, and blue.



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