5 Steps to a Great 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner for those who love to celebrate. I love the music, the fireworks, the red, white and blue and of course the time spent with family out doors.

Last year we made some great memories with little effort. The youth and college groups came over for food, fun  and fireworks.  We spent the whole afternoon and late into the night in our backyard swimming, talking, eating and finally shooting off fire works.  Everyone contributed to the fireworks and food.  I think the last little group left around midnight.

This year, do we want to stay home and fill up that ice chest and hang out by our pool.  Maybe start the day out with a local parade. I haven’t really talked with my family yet but this might be a good conversation to have this weekend.

We need to narrow it down in the next 2 weeks so all the planning will not fall the week before. I strive for peaceful holidays and in order to do this I need to have a plan in place.

In the next 2 weeks, I plan on looking into some local 4th of July activities on line, having some family conversations,and doing a little shopping for summer sales.

5 steps for planning the 4th of July:

1. Research activities online

2. Family Conversation

3.Finalize my plans and make list of needs

4. Do the shopping

5. Involve the family in that days preparations. Then Celebrate your peaceful, stress free holiday!

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