Father’s Day

It’s just around the corner. Have you started thinking about what to get the dad’s in your life?

This is not as easy as getting mom a gift. A plant or flowers seem to be all a mom wants. Although this year I wanted a wooden rocking chair for my front porch (got it)!

The dads in our life deserve some special attention. Many times their work goes unnoticed. They may go from work to picking up kids to starting or making dinner. They play multiple roles in a family.

The things they want many times we have no understanding of. My husband wants a chain saw. I have no clue how to pick a chain saw. But I will shop, ask questions and take notes. And in the end, if I get the wrong one he can exchange it. I am not afraid!

So ask your dad or your hubby what they might want. Be brave. If they say something you would have no clue how to pick, see if they have a preference for brand, color, size or power level. Ask if they have done any research. If not, well you can do your own. The internet is an amazing thing.

Think about the dad you are looking for, ask questions, research on line or at the store. Then go out and buy the gift. You got this!

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