Staycation is a fairly new phrase. Its planning time off but not going anywhere. Making a vacation where you are.

I am doing this right now actually. I was about to loose my Paid time off

from work and I had no where to go. My kids were working. My husband was working, so I just stayed home.

I took one day to go and see my grand babies which was great.

The next day I slept in, cooked and cleaned,no schedule or list just what made me happy. I made a Turkish bread that I had been craving (we used to live in Turkey). I talked with my children who are really adults, while doing those things the way we used to when they were small. It felt like a lazy summer day. Then a dip in the pool and an easy dinner of baked salmon for dinner.

Today I am sitting on my front patio in my granny rocker listening to the birds before it gets too hot. I’m about to start my quiet time. Later, little shopping with my mom.

The last 2 days of my week off, my husband and I are sneaking off to a bed and breakfast. We don’t know where yet. We enjoy an adventure and road trips together. We might draw counties out of a hat or flip a penny and go left with heads and right with tails. But we will know when we arrive at our destination

This holiday or time off work has brought me some much needed peace. No planning involved.

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