Semi Planned Holidays

Our Bed and Breakfast trip which was only semi- planned has been a wonderful adventure. We knew the general direction we were heading and checked out a few B and B’s on line before leaving. Nothing set in stone.

We packed our bags the night before with an idea for one nice dinner and maybe swimming then got up in the morning,made some coffee and gathered a few snacks for the road.

Our only plan was to go towards Dallas . We decided to watch road signs as we went for places to stop on the way. The first stop was a small local winery. While there, we tasted the local wines then went next store to an antique shop.

Where we would stay was the next decision. we chose the Denton Street Heritage House. This house was built when Gainsville was a booming town in the mid 1800’s. The man who built it planned the house for entertainment with great rooms and stained glass windows. The current owner gave us a tour and a bit of history as well. He was also able to share some information about the history of the surrounding neighborhood. And as an unexpected bonus, we were the only guests the first night. This grand old house to ourselves.

We had a few hours before our dinner reservations so we walked down town. There was an old train station with a Harvey house and museum but it was closed for a special event. I was so disappointed. We walked around and I peered into the windows trying to get a glimpse of the Harvey house. We then found a small museum with my husband’s family name so decided to go in. We received a personal tour from someone who worked there. it was tiny but filled with Gainsville history.

We returned to our room after dinner out and the next morning, sat on the balcony overlooking the neighborhood, drinking coffee and doing our morning devotion.

What a wonderful start to a semi planned adventure. This get away has brought peace an rest to our souls. I’m looking forward to what the day will bring, no plans just adventure ahead.


A beautiful place to refresh

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