Pumpkin time

I love pumpkin time. Pumpkin spice coffee makes me feel warm and comforted. The many varieties of pumpkins lining the entry way into the marketplace brings me joy. The colors and textures are amazing.

I recently flew to my daughters wedding and so bought a magazine to take with me. Everything you can imagine to cook or bake with pumpkin. Breakfast lunch and dinner as well as desserts.

When I returned I went hunting pumpkins to cook. I bought a few minis, a pie pumpkin, two mystic pumpkins and a Jack o lantern pumpkin. For now they are sitting in my kitchen bringing happiness to my heart. But soon, they will become food for my family.

I did go ahead and make pumpkin scone and pumpkin pancakes from a can last week. I couldn’t wait for a taste of the season. But Saturday…pumpkins, here I come!!!

God is so good to give us change. I believe change wakes us up a little. It gets us out of our rut. We slow down just a bit to notice the differences surrounding us.

Do today, take a moment to notice the change. Maybe in the temperature, the sky, or the grass. Maybe just the feel of the air around you. Wake up to God’s glorious world.

Baking pumpkins

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