Stop the Procrastination!

Are you a procrastinator? I am. I cannot seem to get started on my Holiday to dos without a plan. I need motivation. And people telling me how many days until Christmas only makes me more tense.

Over the years I developed a list with scheduled to dos that start the first week of October. Yes, start now!!

Some of the October to dos include:

1. Make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for

2. Start looking for Christmas jammies (I have found that all the good ones are gone by November).

3. If you dont have a menu made for Thanksgiving and Christmas, make one then divide it by what can be bought now and what to buy late. Then you can look for sales.

4. If you want pumpkins, get them before the 31st because they are gone after that.

5. Start looking for sales for decor, gifts and food.

6. Start planning how you will keep a Christ focus throughout this time. Look at different advents or things you can read together as a family. Do you want to go to a church program together? Look for wall hangings that lead your family to reflect on what Christ has done for us.

7. Make time for Bible study, prayer and self care so you will be a peaceful influence in your house.

Ok. Stop procrastinating, make your list and get it done.

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