Fall Festival

I have a crazy idea this year. I want to hold a Fall Festival. Open it up to everyone, my familie’s groups of friend, church, school and work. The more the merrier.

Keep it simple-that’s my goal. Have a chili cook off and we can provide chips, onions and cheese. I’m still thinking of a prize that is simple yet memorable.

It shouldn’t be that hard to set up an apple cider bar, a carmel apple bar and a firepit for smores. Maybe even some hotdogs on the grill.

In one area we can have painting pumpkins and set up the volleyball net at the other end of the yard.

We are still in discussion about music but it is coming together. We are trying to get a friend to play for an hour or so.

I plan on making fliers today to hand out to my neighbors.

I’m hoping for cool crisp air for this celebration of Gods glorious nature.

No need to get complicated. You will enjoy your self so much more if you keep it simple. Such a fun way to experience fall with friends and neighbors. Keeping the peace in the holidays.

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