Planning your Advent

Growing up I never experienced advent other than seeing those calendars with a prize for each day. It was a fun way to work our way to Christmas.

As a parent and wanting to ensure my children understood the meaning of Christmas, I began looking at family advents. I bought a few books and attempted many times to complete the 30 day cycle. But our Decembers were so packed with programs and concerts, we never could complete them. I felt defeated. How do others do this every night? This was another stressors in my season-the failed advent.

Still desiring to bring my families attention to Christ throughout the month of December, I thought of doing a condensed version. 5 lessons, one a week, covering each of the traditional focuses for advent. This was something we if felt confident that we could accomplish. One day a week.

I could not find condensed versions anywhere. Apparently no one does it this way. Being the rebel that I am, I began writing my own. 5 lessons, one a week throughout the month of December. I start praying about a theme around September. This year, I began thinking maybe Gods not giving me a message because nothing had struck home. Maybe I just need to start looking again. But this week it come to me.

So off I go again on another 5 week journey, to learn and teach my family about the love, hope and joy of Christ throughout the month of December. It has become a joy for me to do during those cold November mornings..

What can you do this Christmas season to make sure your families focus remains on Christ through this busy time.

Maybe you can find 1 verse a week to write on a board or one christmas hymn to sing as a family about the birth of Christ. Or paint wrapping paper together and talk about the amazing gift God sent in His son.

Start the thought process now so that you may have peace through the holidays.

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