Self Care for Mom When You are Never Alone

Number 1

Talking to another mom this week, someone who loves to go to coffee shops and just sit and have a quiet moment while drinking her coffee. I suggested something I had done the other week to curb my need for a coffee shop fix.

I cleaned the table off, and cleared the area in the direction that I would be looking, so that my urge to clean would not distract me. Then I made some of my good coffee and fancied it up a bit. I got my journal out and lit a candle (something I could not have done at the coffee shop). I set Google home to play praise music (it could be a coffee shop play list). Before long I was sitting there, reading, writing and sipping my coffee. You could tell your family that you are having alone time for 30 minutes or so and that they can come talk to you then.

Number 2

Are you a nature lover? Get up before the kids, grab a cup of coffee or tea and go to the front or back porch. Sit and listen to the nature sounds around you. Over time you will begin to hear things maybe you had not noticed before. I am amazed at how many bird sounds I hear, I still do not know all of them. Close your eyes and listen, breath in and breath out.

Sitting still and listening is a skill and if you have not let yourself do that for some time, you may have to keep bringing your mind back to the sounds and breathing. You may have to make yourself relax, doesn’t that sound strange? But it is so true. Start training this week; sit, breath and listen.

Number 3

Do you have a hobby? One that you are currently doing or even something that you have been meaning to learn? Start learning today! Look it up on google, pintrest or some other site. Thereare so many options to try. You can still order supplies on line even if you cannot go shopping. Many things do not require anything new like drawing. find some printer paper and a pencil. Look up how to draw birds or animals on the computer and begin.

Take Away

The important thing to remember is that you need a get away or a break from the monotony. If you take a few minutes or even an hour a day away, in your own little world, you can change your outlook. You an again go back to routine with a smile. Self care is not selfish, it is essential to a well balanced you.

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