Families that play together…

Making time to play, relax and recreat with our families is of absolute importance. Planning is the key to success here, equivelant to every other area of our lives. There is an old saying, “families that play together, stay together”. Yet, we continually find ourselves to busy to let loose with our families. From the time we get out of bed in the morning until we land back in bed at night, we keep ourselves running. When we are not on the go, we are on our electronic devices, with our heads burried in social media, games, work or even shopping. I am just as guilty as anyone now that we use our phones for eveything.

Make Time

Recently, I read a book written by 2 computer anylists, Knapp and Zeratsky. It was entitled Making Time. This book entrigued me because it was not about being more productive, but instead was about making time for the things that are important to us. The authors both came about it from different directions at times, but both agreed on one thing. If we do not plan our time, it will go by without achiving our greatest goals and dreams and the thing that brings us the most joy will have been missed.

An example they gave was binge watching NetFlix. You can plan to have a day of bing watching and that is ok. But if you start watching TV planning on watching one episode then move on to the next, and loose track of time, you are not achieving what you set out to do. You are losing precious time you could have spent on reaching one of your goals, in this case- palying with your family.

Playing together

Be Purposeful in your play

So, how do you keep from missing out on those precious moments with your families? Be purposeful, make time and plan your day. Moreover, plan in rest times (self care) and play times. By doing this, you make room for play. You can set your family up for great memories they will carry with them forever. You will have created a legacy through playing together!

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