Home is a Ministry

Home is a Ministry

Home, not simpy a building where our families dwell, but a ministry. Over the course of 33 years of marriage and raising 4 daughters, I believe this now more than ever. I worked from home as well as a job where I was gone from the home 55 to 60 hours a week in the course of those years. Our youngest child completed school by attending school after homeschooling for 23 years. Currently, I am in a new phase of life, caring for my mother. All this to say, whether you work out of the home full time or part time, work from the home, homeschool or are a full time home maker with children in school, moms are busy. We all need a little help with holiday planning for the home.

So whatever stage you are in, if you do not have a plan, peace can be fleeting. This is especialy true around the holidays. Holiday planning for the home brings peace.

Creating a Holiday Planner

I put together a planner with forms, lists and ideas to have on hand. I used this every holiday season. This list met all of my needs; family, food, parties, décor and gifts. Later, I broke the list down week by week to make completing the overwhelming list of to dos more manageable.

I also learned what foods I could freeze ahead of time as well as what gifts I could buy early. Saying no was something else I discovered brought peace to our home. (You do know you can say no to people and parties even at the holidays don’t you? Well you can.) It’s ok. I give you permission. You will feel the peace flow through your family as you do, I promise. Learning all these things as well as having a binder, helped us maintain order and a sense of balance when life got a little crazy. I am not saying there were not moments of frenzied disorder, but between dashing here and there, planning allowed rest and much needed family time.

All the Other Holiday Planning for the Home

After creating this binder, I gave a copy of it to each of my four daughters for Christmas one year. They encouraged me to publish it. At the time, I was working full time as well as helping our family adjust to moving back to the US after 4 years out of the country. I took it slowly and worked little by little putting it together. I also began a blog related to the subject of planning and creating memories for families. Because I found that holiday planning for the home brings peace.

As I did this, other holidays came up and I began pulling out the lists I made for Christmas meals and events and began using them for these other holidays. Making memories takes time, energy and planning. The plan allows time to focus on the spiritual side of certain holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Having it all together allows time to play with your family. Planning allows time as a mom to sit back on the day of the holiday and enjoy watching our families have fun knowing nothing was missed (well almost nothing, we are still not perfect and should not expect ourselves to be.)

The Heart of the Blog

So, now you know the heart of this blog. Developed to help busy moms who desire to love their families and keep their sanity. Moms who do not want the spiritual side to be an after thought. Moms who want their families to have cherished memories they can carry with them. We live in a world full of expectations for moms, families, children, Christians and holidays. You cannot do it all, believe me, I have tried. So moving forward, plan, pray and play. The goal for this blog it to help you to achieve success in these three areas along with creating peace through the holidays for you and your families.

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