Celebrate Every Day

As we go through our life, God has given us the ability to live in abundance each day. Why should we wait until Easter or Christmas to celebrate? Each day is a gift from God to be lived fully. Hence we want to celebrate every day to the fullest for our sakes as well as our family’s. If you look around, there are small celebrations to be had throughout the year.

Celebrate the Small Things every day

Celebrating completion of Turkish Spiritual Language Class

You can celebrate the loss of a first tooth or removing the training wheels. Another thing you can celebrate are the awards earned by a family member. And yet another time to celebrate can be the start of a school year or the completion of one. On the other hand, what if someone in your household has been struggling with something like times tables and is finally able to conquer that mountain, or at least make a good start to the climb, why not celebrate this as well?

One of the celebrations that all of our children looked forward to was a double dip. The child who reached a mile stone such as tying their shoes, received a double dip. the rest of the family only got a single,even the adults. This really felt special and became the goal when working on a mile stone.

National Holidays Everyday

Another great way to celebrate ever day is to check out the national daily holidays. Did you know that these even existed? National holidays every day, every week and every month. Now, we never celebrated all of these in our home, that would be a little intense and would not bring peace to our home. But being able to look ahead and see a holiday that might make your family laugh or play together-those are the ones you are looking for.

First of all, in order to star your planning, you need a resource for all of these days ahead. The family ones, you can just make a list or note n the calendar when your daughter says their times tables, you go get a double dip of ice cream.

But for the national holidays, there are lists on the internet. My favorite is http://nationaldaycalendar.com. This site not only tells you the daily holidays but the weekly and monthly as well. And furthermore, it has this day in history that you can celebrate as well as the origins of the name of the month. (Yes, I am a little geeky this way, I think it comes from homeschooling for so long). There are two others that are good, timeanddate.com and checkiday.com.

Plan to Celebrate Every Day

Your next thing to do is to make a plan. Scan through those websites, or find some of your own. While doing that, write down some things that catch your eye. Brainstorm! Jot down everything that interests you at first pass. Then narrow it down to what is feasable with your life style. Most of these days will only take one or two things to do. Generally they are things you would have at your house, or a making a meal. There is an affiliate add below for a planner with these holidays. I used one just like it last year, actually my daughter got it for me. So I was able to keep up with the holidays. It was fun!

Next, decide on the steps that need to be taken in order to make it happen. It could be a simple thing as going to Krispy Kreme Donuts on national donut day or as complicated as going to a hotel, telling the kids we are in Hawaii and eat pineapple! that was a fun one, especially when the electricity went out n the hotel. Good memories. The kids still refer to it as “that time we went to Hawaii”. No rules here. Think about decorations, food and who may be involved.

Celebrate Family Favorites

Star Trek Party

Every family has favorites. Favorite teams, favorite shows or even favorite seasons. celebrate those. An example I can think of is Star Trek. In our house, we have some real Star Trek fans (Trekies). So when a new Star Trek was starting up, I took that as an opportunity to have a party. I decorated the table back drop as a transporter and bought I don’t know how many fuzzy balls (tribble) and put them everywhere. I made food with a Star Trek theme and even dressed up. We invited friends and had a great time. And then finally, sitting down to watch the show.

Another party we did was a Dr. who party with the same ideas-food, decor and dress. You can do the same thing with football, baseball, soccer… Ideas for celebration are as many as your brain can think up.

So during your planning time this month, check out that website, find some crazy holidays that would make your family happy and write them down. Get a plan together and implement it. Do not make it too complicated or you will not want to follow through or you will be frustrated because it did not turn out the way you wanted. Just put together a few things and go with it. So, celebrate every day and just have fun.

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