Pause and be Nourished

Pause and be nourished within your soul. Meet with God. We all need food to bloom

Victory Garden/ Container Gardens

At the start of this Covid crisis/quarantine, I was talking to my mother about all that was going on. We began talking about how it has become more and more difficult to get certain groceries. this brough up the suggestions to eat canned fruit and vegetables for now. Because my mother is older than 65,Continue reading “Victory Garden/ Container Gardens”

Pause for the Sabbath

The origins of the Sabbath As a practice I beleive that it is best to look for original sources to get information. This is especially true when looking at the meaning or significance of something. There have been many meanings placed to the word Sabbath as well as many rules and regulations. I just doContinue reading “Pause for the Sabbath”

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