(Code for Fun in Quarantine)

Five ways to have fun staying at home (homecation)

Below are 5 simple ways you and your family can have fun at home on a homecation. Even though the quarantine is mostly lifted, I imagine many people are still not getting out much. So here are five ways to have fun staying at home.


Get outside. I know that all of us are not outside people. But, I beleive most people enjoy sometime outside. I also believe that is where we find God many times- in His creation and away from mans.

So, get the tent out or a pop up camper if you have one, and spend some time in the back yard. The kids will love it, to sleep under the stars. It will be a welcome break from the monotony of indoor life. Bring your journal outside or a book. You can even bring a sketch pad and colored pencils and sketch the birds, trees, grass or flowers. See if you can identify any. Then grab some easy foods like sandwiches and chips and water bottles. In he evening you could make hobo or foil packs on the grill. Here is a webpage with 8 hobo recipes from BBQ chicken to cinnamon rolls.



Have a fire outdoors if you can. Order some groceries like hotdogs or again, hobo packs and everything you need to make smores. If anyone plays a guitar or ukelele, get them to play a few songs around the “camp fire” while you all sing. Our family loves to have a fire pit at night. It is a great way to get conversations going.

homecation spa day
Spa Day


Give yourself a spa day. I am sure the spas and hair dressers will be full for a while. So why don’t you just do it yourself. You can put on your fuzzy bathrobe if you have one, soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with epsom salts and some essential oils if you have them. Sit back and read a magazine. Finally, give yourself a facial. Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, I have included aa recipe for avocado face mask you will love.

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 TBS of honey
  • Mash together
  • Apply to face starting from chin and moving upward. Cover your face and let dry, about 30 minutes. this will leave your skin moist and soft.


Build an indoor fort with your kids. Get out pillows, set cushions, and as many blankets and sheets as you can spare. Work with your kids and make it take up the whole living room. Let them keep it up a few days, no one is coming over! Fix easy, mess free meals like cheese and crackers to eat in the “tent”. Build a pretend fire and invite the stuffed animals.

Homecation baking
Homecation baking camp


Create a themed camp. Ask yourself what is your family interested in or even what do you want them to develope an interest in? Art, music, gymnastics, nature or even baking.

Look around the house, what do you have that you could use. Do you have a bunch of art supplies that no one is using? Look on the internet for some instructions to do sketches. You could do the same for baking. Have a different thing to do for each day of the week. Monday could be baking bread and Tuesday baking a cake, Wednesday maybe something from another country. It can be as fun or educational as you want. Tell your kids a week in advance that they will be participating in an “Art” camp for 5 days. And to come prepared for fun. Below is an affiliate add for sketch pads. Great to use for Art camp.

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