Mother’s Day

The top 5

I was thinking this week about Mother’s Day. Particularly what everyone would want for Mother’s Day. This included my mother, my mother in law as well as my daughter who is a mom. I started to look at some blogs and found one with a graph of the Top 5 things moms want on Mother’s Day.

Zero Tolerance Coffee mothers day chocolate

Number one was a bit of a surprise but not really. I mean who does not like chocolate! Recently I found a place that roasts their own cocoa beans and makes their own chocolate bars, right here in Edmond. The chocolate and coffee are exceptional! And the owners are so friendly and excited to explain the proces if you ask.

The second things moms said they wanted was to go to the bathroom uninterupted. I laughed out loud a bit. That is so true. I remember wondering if I would ever go to the bathroom without someone walking in or little hands reaching under the door. There was a time when even the dog would put his paws under the door. But, this is the norm for mom life. And it does pass, I promise.

working from home
Mom working from home

I can not remember the third and fourth ones, but the fifth one was to have silence. Oh yeah! Silence is rare and golden. When you have 4 little ones and you home school, there is no such thing. I remember one time when I had taken the girls to the Omniplex Science Museum dreaming of that future when there would be silence. As I was taking my four kids around and around to the different exhibits and then to the tiny tot area, I spotted a mom, quietly sitting at a table, reading a book. I imagined that her children were older and off on their own. She looked so peaceful. I was jealous. I felt so tired. If I could have a half an hour like that I thought!

Silence comes too soon

But let me tell you, that time came all too soon. Now I have grand babies, and I imagine they will grow too fast as well. Silence is not all it it cracked up to be. There are days I miss the dress up clothes all over and the playdough in the carpet (ok, maybe not the playdough in the carpet), but you get the point. Those moments are precious.

No Questions please!

There was one Mother’s Day when I told my hubby, all I wanted was to have no questions asked of me for one day. No “where are my shoes or my brush”, no “why aren’t we having peanut butter and jelly for lunch”, no “why do I have to go outside”- NONE, NADA, ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED OF MAMA. You know what, my hubby succeeded. He had to redirect a few times, but I did not answer one question that day. I still remember that Mother’s Day. I cannot remember what I did that day, but I do remember the freedom that came from no questions.

Freedom for Mother’s Day

As I thought about that experience along with the graph I saw, I realized that Freedom was the common denominator. To be able to go to the bathroom alone, not be accountable for anyones stuff or food for the day is pure freedom. The ability to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner and not feel guilty.

Below is a picture of me at the beach. I love the freedom I feel at the beach. No worries or cares. Everyone does their own thing (now that my kids are grown). The waves go where they want.

Peace and freedom
Peace and Freedom

Your Turn

Think about freedom and what that one thing would be to give you the feeling of freedom. What do you need to feel like yourself again? It may not be on Mother’s Day, but you need some time to feel like you again. You need some time to not feel responsible for everyone else and what they need. You need some self care. I have attached a link from my article on self care for moms with some inexpensive self care tips. peacethroughtheholidays/selfcareformoms

So, mom, think about you and what you need to feel a breath of freedom. You will be surprised what a better mom you can be with just a wee bit of me time this Mother’s Day.

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