Pause- be still and Know that I am God Ps 46:10

I am a very busy and driven person. This is not said to brag but just as a matter of fact. It is very difficult for me to sit still while watching TV without getting out books, pens or chrochet. To “Be still and Know that I am God” is challenging for me. To Pause to be and not do is a struggle. I am a doer and not into “being”. Recently, God got ahold of my heart and reminded me that I need to take time for Him and just be. I need to form a deeper relationship with my Father, God and Jesus. No doing involved. Only to sit with Him and be still. I need the Sabbath.

Rest and Remember

A few years ago was reading a book by Mark Buchanan entitled “The Rest of God” when God really spoke to me. It was an indepth study of the Sabboth. He discussed the Sabbath and its evolution into a list of do”s and don’ts. But this was not the original intent of the Sabboth. Sabboth was to be a day of rememberance and observance. To reflect on the goodness of God and to enjoy His creation.

It was to be the one day when the only thing you must do is to not do the things you must. You are given permission, issued a command to be blunt- to turn your back on all those oughts

Mark Buchanan

So, this weekend, think of God’s command to have a Sabboth- a sacred day of rest. Thinking about what breaths life into you and into others? Search for ways to remember Your Lords goodness and love for you. Find ways to say thank you to him. How can you breath life into yourself and your family or even those outside of your family? Pause for a day and be surprised at the peace you recieve.

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