5 Tips for Summer Holidays at Home

Memories in the Making

The Slosh of the Ice chest

My husband knows one of my favorite sounds is the slosh of the ice chest full of ice and everyone’s favorite soda  as we take it outside.  That sound brings peace to my soul.  Certainly, great family memories are in the making! Some of our greatest summer memories have been made in the backyard with a full ice chest and food. This is one of the 5 tips for summer holidays at home that I have listed below. These tips have brought us many exciting times and fond memories.

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5 Tips for Summer Holidays

  1. Load the ice chest with ice and cool drinks for the whole family. You can also put the potato salad and watermelon in an ice chest. Something about an ice chest full of everyones favorites keeps the family outside, laughing and playing together. We generally do not start the activities until after noon then the rest of the day is a party.
  2. Secondly, purchase some grilling meat, buns and condiments. Then add in chips, dips and veggies to munch throughout the after noon and you have it made. It doesn’t have to be fancy, make it easy. As a result, you can use the time with your family relaxing.
  3. If you do not have any outdoor games, I suggest purchasing some. Our family loves Bocce ball, volley ball and giant outdoor jenga. With the jenga be sure to have a stool for the short ones like me. The tower can get tall. Crockett is another favorite from my childhood. I remember playing it in my grandparents backyard when I was young.
  4. Music or an outdoor movie. Everyone likes music and a little background music adds to the mood and the feelings of good times. Maybe you can even make a play list for backyard parties for the family or you can just ask your children to do this for you. They would probably love to set this up for the party and they would have more fun with their own music. For a movie, you can just hang a sheet between two trees or on the wall of the house. Then bring chairs, blankets and pillows that you don’t mind getting dirty. After that, set up the projector, and pick a movie. You can use your phone for a hot spot if you need to.
  5. And in conclusion, finish the night out with a fire and smores. You can make individual smore kits for each guest/family member or simpley place everything on a tray for the picking. You can use different kinds of chocolate as well. (Quick hint: we are trying some natural mosquito repellents this year. For example, we planted basil and mint around the cabana. We read that marigolds work as well.) Another thing you can do is end the night with Marshmallow wars. This is an inexpensive family memory. Each family member gets a bag of marshmallows and when the person in charge says go, everyone throws marshmallows at each other. It works best in a wooded area but anywhere is fun.

Most importantly, make a list before you go to the grocery store. But before you do this, make sure you ask everyone what their favorite drinks are. For summer holidays my family normally asks for things we usually do not get like root beer and creme soda or maybe cherry coke. Shop early, plan for games and food, then sit back and watch everyone play.  Consequently, you will have some great memories. 

Don’t be afraid to be silly. Silliness makes the best memories. Get some crazy glasses or necklaces. Silly string is another great outdoor activity or even super soakers. Just have fun!

Finally , think about what color/design table covering and napkins you will want. Add these to your shopping list.

Later, if you have a space or closet to store things like then you can reuse them for years to come. You could even use a rubber maid box and put the decorations up in the closet or under the bed for parties in the future.

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