Pause for Spiritual Renewal

Pause- be still and Know that I am God Ps 46:10

Think about what we learned last week, taking time to pause. Taking a Sabboth the way the Lord commanded. Did you take the time to pause last weekend? Did you make time to be with God? Was there something that you found breaths life into you or others? Here is a link to pause, last weeks article on spiritual renewal and sabboth.

This week I would like us to practice Pausing for spiritual renewal. We must meet God first before we can truly be restored.

Matthew 14/getting away with God

Matthew 14 has many lessons in it for us. There are many lessons about God’s faithfulness in providing for our needs as well as how our faith impacts our life.

I think the main lesson I would like to draw out of Matthew 14 this week comes Jesus’s response to grief. Jesus had just found out that His cousin had been beheaded, John the Baptist. John was not only His cousin but the one who came before Him, preaching in the wilderness and Baptising others in His name. Jesus was grieving for His friend/cousin.

As Jesus heard this information, he got on a boat to get away but the crowd followed Him on foot. On the other side there was a crowd waiting for Him. Jesus and His disciples stayed with the crowd all day until late evening. He performed a miracle by feeding over 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Late in the evening, Jesus sent His disciples home on the boat but He did not go with them.

Jesus needed to be alone with His Father. He knew this was a need in His life. So, He stayed behind and went up to the mountain to be alone with God. He stayed there for many hours. The Bible says he appeared to the disipcles at the “4th watch” . The 4th watch was between 3am and 6am. This means that Jesus spent from late evening, probably around 8 or 9pm until around 2am with God, alone. He needed to be restored.

Pause for spiritual renewal first

Jesus was physically tired after performaing miracles. He was emotionally spent from loosing a loved one. He knew He was spiritually drained as well. Jesus knew He needed to rebuild His strength. But where did he begin? It was not physical or emotional. First, He went to God, His Father. He needed spiritual renewal. Jesus needed some Sabboth, or rest time with God. He needed to be refilled.


first steps to pause…

This weekend, make time as well as find a place to get away with your heavenly Father. Sit with Him and rest. Read the Bible or listen to music. You can journal during this time or just take it in. Sitting outside on the front porch is extremely restoring to me. You can even bring your bible study and supplies outside and listen to the nature God created. I find these things help me focus on Him more.

God made you uniquely, to have a unique relationship with Him. He wants to meet with you. He wants you to have rest and restore your soul. God created for 6 days and on the 7th day He rested. He ceased creating on the 7th day. Don’t you think we should follow His example? I believe that His resting was an example for all of us to follow. Cease your work for a time. Now,there are some things you will need to do, this is not made to be legalistic, but restoring. just get away with God this weekend.

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