Memorial Day

Memorial day in the US is a day we celebrate those brave men and women who have served in our military and paid the ultimate price with their lives. Part of our Memorial day preparation is when we pay tribute to these men and women who willfully choose to give up Birthdays and Holidays with families in order to be sure we maintain our freedom. More importantly, it is when we pay tribute to those who chose to give up the life they could have had.

Sharing the History of Memorial Day

This weekend, plan to share some facts about Memorial Day with your family. There is so much information on the internet to help you. I have downloaded these videos from youtube that I thought were both interesting as well as informative. Maybe you can find more and send them in a comment.

Changing Memorial Day Preparations when it rains

I checked the weather earlier this week and it looks like rain here so my plans are evolving. This morning I thought I could fill an ice chest with cokes and leave it in the kitchen for easy access if it does rain and if it doesn’t, I’m ready to move the party outside. Grilling is still the preferred method of cooking because our grill is covered. So I went ahead and looked up some recipes for roasted corn and I think I’m going Greek this year. Coat the corn with yogurt, then sprinkle with salt and a little bit of sumac (you can buy it at any Mediterranean deli/grocers), then roll in just a bit of crumbled feta. Next wrap them individually in foil. If you do this in the morning, they will be ready to go when you are ready to grill.

Roasted corn
Roasted corn

The family decided on basic burgers and hotdogs. My hubby has a great seasoning he mixes with the burgers so that they aren’t so plain. Maybe I can fancy it up a bit with a specialty bun like brioche or pretzel.

I think I’ll make some baked beans with extra. Canned baked beans are good if you add bbq sauce and bacon! Then some potato salad.

Bring Outdoors Inside

If it does rain, there are some games you can bring in. One of them is giant jenga. As well as jenga, you could set up a game table or just have a Netflix family bing schedule. Or you could mix it up and have movies interspersed with both games and food. Have some snack foods set out as well. Some for the movie and some at the game table.

Remember, we are not on a schedule, you can relax and let go once you have made the plan. If the family is having fun with the games and is not interested in a movie, go with the flow.

Don’t be afraid to laugh and be silly. The sillier the better. Add in a short lesson on why we celebrate with these youtube videos, pray for our soldiers and their families, then enjoy the freedom that has been given to you through their service.

Summer holidays
Summer holiday decor

Rain or Shine

Whether rain or sunshine, if there are activities and food, everyone will have a blast. Then wonderful memories will be made. If you can go decorate some grave sites, that would be a wonderful expression of gratitude for the families of our fallen heros.

Remember our brothers and sisters who gave all they had to serve you and your families. Also, enjoy your day with your family, relax and play. Enjoy that hard earned freedom. That is what Memorial Day is about.

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