Pause for the Sabbath

The origins of the Sabbath

As a practice I beleive that it is best to look for original sources to get information. This is especially true when looking at the meaning or significance of something. There have been many meanings placed to the word Sabbath as well as many rules and regulations. I just do not believe that God intended it to be that difficult to have a “day of rest and rememberance”. Isn’t the point to rest, restore and remember/observe or keep? To Pause for the Sabbath and keep it holy.

The origin of the Hebrew sabbat is uncertain but many believe it originated from the verb sabat. The word Sabat means to stop, to cease or to keep. Which is kind of an odd combination. To cease as well as to keep.

I do not want to get too deep into theology here, there are many ideas about how Sabbath should be followed and observed. But I do want to make clear, God chose to rest on the 7th day after working to create for 6 days. God also gave us a commandment to rest on the 7th day and to keep it Holy. it is to be like no other day in the week, set apart.

So, just how do we do that?

Jesus cared for others needs on the Sabbath with examples of healing and allowing his disciples to pick grain to eat. Also in Mark 2:27 Jesus states that Sabbath was made for mankind and not mankind for the Sabbath. We are not to serve or worship the Sabbath. It is for us to serve and worship God, remember what he has done for us and to cease from our normal day to day work. We are not to worry or plan for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. We are to focus on God and get joy from His creation.

Man, as usual has complicated it with the addition of many rules and regulations. We have added long lists of dos and don’ts to God’s commandment. When actually, there is very little said about exact do’s and don’ts in the Bible for this day.

Look up Sabbath for your self. Read God’s Word both Old and New Testiment to determine truth. Ask God to guide you as you do this. Ask for the Holy Spirits help as you endevor to understand His truth for you regarding how you pause for the sabbath.

Scriptures about the Sabbath

Here is a list of a few scriptures that might help in this search:

  • Genesis 2: 1-3
  • Leviticus 23:15,16 and 25:1-7
  • Exodus 20: 8-10, 31:12-17, Numbers 15:32-36, Numbers 28:9-10
  • Jeremaiah 17:22
  • Isaiah 58:13,14 (good one)
  • Matthew 12:1-14
  • Luke 13″10-14, Luke 14:1-6
  • John 5:1-18
  • John 9
  • Mark 1_29-31
  • Matt 9:33, Matt 5:17
  • mark 2:27
  • Matthew 13:15, Matt 14:5
  • Acts 1:12, 13:12-44,15:21,17:2, 18:4, 20:7
  • Rom 14:5
  • Gal 4:10
  • Col 2:16

So this weekend, read through some of these scriptures, a mix of new and old testiment. Ask God to lead you to the truth. What can you do to bring rest and restoration to your soul and cease from your day to day work? What can you do Saturday to free up Sunday to rest and remember how good God is?

One thing we do is just have popcorn for dinner. Popcorn, cheese and fruit if it’s in season. It is easy, with no clean up. I also make sure we are ready for breakfast and lunch so that I can rest. I make time to meditate and read.

Pause and remember all that God has done for you.

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