Pause and be Nourished

We all Need Food to Bloom

Pause and be noursihed

My sister in law used to work with a florish/garden shop when we were young marrieds. So every once is a while I would ask her questions about my plants. One day asked her about one of my plants because the color was so dull. The flowers were not bright and vibrant like they should be. She responded with, “well you wouldn’t be very colorful and pretty if you weren’t fed either”, then laughed and told me what I needed to do. Plants need food to be all that they were intended to be and produce the beautiful colors and fruit they should produce. I got the message loud and clear that day.

I never have forgotten that conversation. Maybe I do not remember the wording exactly, but did not foget the point. I still don’t feed my plants like I should but I am improving. Probably, this converstation touched me on a more human level and it continues to come up in my mind over and over especially during the spring months when everything begins to bloom.

Nourishing your Soul allows every part of your Life to Flow Better

If we are to fully become who God created us to be, we must noursih ourselves. This means physically, emothionally and spiritually. Pause and be nourished. Every area needs attention to grow to our fullest potential. Although, I am only going to focus today on the spiritual side of things, I believe it will bleed over into all aspects of our lives. When we become right with God, every part of our life flows better and comes into allignment.

To Pause

pasue and be nourished by God's Word

To pause is to feed your soul. Pausing allows you to take in. It allows you to noursih your soul your heart and your mind. be still and know god. Stop and hear God’s voice telling you “I am here my beloved”. If we take the time to pause and be still we will hear God speaking to us, encouraging as well as correcting us. God is here for us, we just need to be still.

Action Step to Pause and Be Nourished

This weekend stop and take in God’s creation which was made for our enjoyment. Feel God’s presence. This may look differently for each of us and may even be different during different seasons of life. Pull back from your everyday responsibilities. The “have tos” or the “shoulds” of life. Instead focus on life giving things, things God placed in your heart and soul. Those things that make you feel connected to Him and others as well as yourself.

Maybe for you, nourishing your soul means to be still and sit, noticing your surroundings. For others, it means taking a jog and for others it might be gardening or playing a game. Still others, listening to music or drawing.

Sitting to Pause

When you sit, notice your hands and arms, then your shoulders. This always stops me in my tracks. My shoulders are where I carry all the weight of the world. They are always tight and tense. One time my hubby bought me a medical massge and the therapist asked me if I was aware that my muscles in my shoulders were in the wrong place, a large knot on both sides. I told her yes, I was aware and that was why I was there. From that time on, I try to be aware of my shoulders and how close to my ears they are. If they are up there, I need to close my eyes and take some deep breaths, lowering them. I need to talk to God and ask what am I not giving Him control of in my life, then be still and listen. Read or listen to music if you prefer. Tell God what is on your mind, He wants to hear from you.

Walking to Pause

Maybe it means taking a walk and listening to healing music. I have a play list entitled “Healing”. It is the music I listen to when my soul and emotions need some TLC and a reminder that God has me in His hands. I was told by a counceler once that we should own our feelings. Make a play list for each emotion category and when you feel these emotions, play that list. Then slowly move up from depression to sadness to your melancholy list. Them finally to your praising Jesus list. I also found this pattern in Psalms. That is what David did many times in his walk with God. He would start off complaining about all of his woes and by the end of the chapter he was able to say to God- but You are my rock, my refuge, my shelter, my strong tower. Give your emotions to God. he is Big and can handle them. For me, this has been one of the best discoveries on how to restore myself to God while addressing my emotions.

Or you can take a walk in a wooded area just listening and feeling everything around. Notice how the wind blows differently through the oaks than the evergreens. How many bird sounds can you hear? Notice the crackle of broken branches under your feet and the gravel on the walk way.

Try not to think of your to do’s- give them to God. Trust God that if you follow His command to take a day of rest, God can take care of tomorrow.

Finding your Unique Pause

At a conference I went to once, the man speaking stated that he bakes bread on his sabbath rest day. Something about the kneeding and waiting for it to rise is so refreshing to him. It helps him restore for work the other 6 days of the week. One of my daughters sews, that would make me stressed. God designed us all differently with different needs to noursih our souls. Let Him guide to the perfect Sabbath day.

On the 7th day cease from labor and keep the day set apart or Holy. Keep the focus on Christ. Pause and be nourished. This weekend, spend some time talking to God about what would nourish your soul and bring you closer to your Creator, God. What do you need to nourish your soul so that you can bloom in vibrant color again as God intended?

Below is the book I read a few years ago that really got me thinking about Sabbath. It unpacks a lot of what Sabbath really means and what it means to rest in God and to keep the Sabbath. He cleared up many of my questions. It is one of those books that I continually pull out for reference. The ad below is an affiliate ad from Amazon.

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