Making Holiday Memories with a Secret Garden

Making holiday memories with a secret garden is an idea that slowly formulated after we moved to the country. Ever since that time, I have had this fantasy of creating a Secret garden. You know, like the one in the book. Except this one does not have stone walls surrounding it. This one has walls made of bushes, trees, and maybe a small, old fence and gate. It may or may not have a secret entrance, but it will bring magical fun to the holidays.

It may not be as big or elaborate or have walls that dominate and conceal the garden completely, but it is a place somewhat closed in where I can get away from the world. As I thought about this garden, I realized it could also be a place to grow fall plants like pumpkin, squash, potatoes and corn for the cold season Holidays. How fun would that be to make holiday memories with a secret garden full of suprises for your children and your grandchildren.

The sun shone down for nearly a week on the secret garden. The Secret Garden was what mary called it when she was thinking of it. She liked the name and she liked still more the feeling that when its beautiful old walls shut her in, no one knew where she was. It seemedalmost like being shit out of the world in some fairy place.

Frances Hodgson Burnett “the Secret Garden”

Starting Holiday Memories with my Secret Garden

I bought my first pieces of furniture for my garden months ago and have been moving them all around the yard looking for the best spot to start my Secret Garden; under the willow, between the evergreens or behind the hill, looking for that magical spot. I posted some of the pictures trying to get ideas from other women I trust. One woman said to hang hanging plants from the tree next to it and another said a chandelier. Hanging a swing from a tree is one of my dreams. The number of ideas for your secret garden are as endless as your imagnination. No one garden will be alike. There are no rules here. Imagine and plan. This is how to create peace through the holidays. Plan ahead of time, and build and create, then reap the benefits during the holiday season.

Memories are made to linger for years in the minds of our loved ones

When new beautiful thoughts began to push out the old hideous ones, life began to come back to him, hisblood ranhealthily through his veins and strength poured into him.

Frances Hodgson Burnett The secret Garden
Pause in nature
Pause to know God better

This idea is not only a dream for me in the present, but for my family and future memories as well. Making holiday memories with a sercret garden it a goal of mine. My children are grown, but two of them still live with me and the other two have children, my grandchildren. I envision this being a place for my daughters to sit, meditate and come near to God. As well as a place my grandchildren can come to pick flowers or black berries. Furthermore, a place where they can build forts and have tea parties under the cover of vines and roses. Memories will linger for years to come long after I am gone. Memories of cherished days hiding and playing in God’s creation.

Making holiday memories with a secret garden will bless you and your entire family. It will bring a hint of excitment to the upcoming holidays as you look forward to picking a pumpkin or squash. I found a place to plant a few pumpkin vines and am working on where I could plant some corn-only a few stocks, maybe two rows back to back for privacy, as a sort of wall. A quick tip: pumpkins must be planted in June to early July to be ready for fall in Oklahoma. I even thought, what about planting a few evergreens to cut in years to come for Christmas (if you don’t become too attached).

Planning for the holidays in my secret garden

Pumpkin vines now and later some potatoes with their green leave or sweet potatoes with their flowing vines rolling down the slight hill. I will add pictures to this blog once I get started on the planting. Closer to the holidays, I can use them for pumpkin pies and pumpkin soup. If I plant enough, we can use them to carve for Halloween. I have visions of the grandkids coming to pick their own pumpkin and taking it home in October with mom and dad to decorate. Peace and joy through the holidays!!! Yes, that is what it is about.

The How in Planting a Secret Garden for the Holidays

secret garden
secret garden

You really don’t need much room to make your secret garden happen. Making holiday memories with a secret garden is easies than you would think. All you need is a corner in the back yard. Carve out the corner with a hoe if you only have a small area, then dig up the soil and all plant life. If you have a larger area as I do, you may want to tacke small portions at a time. I am stating with a small hill to plant my pumpkin. I already have blackberries down there and a few trees. So this will bring a bit more life into the picture. I plan on adding some hydrangias as well to create the feel of a wall.

After that, add potting soil to the area you want to use for this. If you want it to stay clean and neat, add a boarder around the outside of the area you just dug up, then add the soil. You can buy the boarders at any hardware or home decorating store such as Home Depot. Build walls with bushes; hydrangias, blackberries or rasberries or roses. Ahh, I can smell it already!

When planting your garden, choose a color theme. Arrange colors in patterns to make it look more oganized and coiffured. I however, prefer a more wild natural look. A look that does not need mowing every week or constant weeding. My husband and I have talked about patches of wild flowers through out the garden. These can grow and be picked througout late spring, summer and into early fall for a lovely table centerpiece when having guests over. A fresh bouquest makes everything look fresh as well as the sent.

Adorning your Secret Garden for the Holidays

If there is a tree, hang a swing, plants or even a chandelier as mentioned above. Bird feeders, bird baths and statues other fun ideas. You can hang fairy lights around and even put up Holiday themed decorations as time passes. Everyone will be surprised each time they come over, never knowing what to expect as you keep changing out the decor.

If you just want your secret garden for holiday planning, plant bulbs for the spring, wild flowers for the summer and pumpkins for the winter. Easy, yet rewarding and beautiful. Be sure to place a chair near so that you can sit and enjoy the garden and find peace for your soul.

You could plant tulips and daffafils for Easter bouquets. Also have berries and watermelon for summer holidays like the 4th of July. there is nothing better than a cobbler made from fresh blackberries on a hot summer day! If space is available, plant some fruit trees. Now, this takes a little more patience to see the fruit of your labor, but how much fun would it be to see your kids or grand kids climb the tree and pick some fruit to eat. I still remember climbing my grandmothers tree to pick cherries for pies and to eat of course.

Memory making in your own secret garden

Two things cannot be in one place. “Where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow.

Frances Hodgson The Secret Garden

Building memories is easy, but it does take some planning. Remember, your garden may not look like anyone elses garden. In fact, I know that many of you could far out due any garden that I built. But the purpose of this garden is to make holiday memories that will last. Keep the perspective and stay away from perfectionism. ( Your very own Secret Garden. So plan today, build tomorrow and reap the harvest literally, during the holidays.

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