Pause and Get Away

Jesus Paused to get away

Get away to the mountain
Get away to the Mountain

During Jesus’s greatest years of ministry, the Bible gives many examples of Jesus making the time to pause and get away with God. Over and over the crowds followed Him asking for healing for themselves and others as He headed to the mountain to be with God. He had to actively work at getting away to pause and spend time with His Father. But Jesus knew where His strength came from and made certain to make this a priority.

After the crowds went home, only His disciples remained. But even these men, his closest followers, were sent away at times so that He could pray to God and rest.

Jesus taught, Jesus healed, Jesus fed thousands with a few loaves of bread. He cared deeply and met the needs he saw around Him. But He always knew when to take a break. He understood that His strength came from God alone. And all of those marvelous things He did to make lives better, could not have been accomplished if He had not understood the truth of His power. Or knowing when to go up to the mountain and pray. Seek the face of God and sleep. Oh precious sleep.

Why we need to pause and get away

Pause and get away

Why is it that we think we can do more than Jesus did without rest or talking to our source of strength? Ignoring our need for prayer and rest. Not taking the time to get away and renew our strength.

If you are a mom or a grand mother working in or out of the home, you may have your hands full. You may be feeling like your family need constant care and the work is never ending. Maybe you cannot even see a moment to take a breather let alone spend time in prayer and rest. A time to pause and get away. Remember, Jesus made the time. He sent the crowds away. He sent His disciples away. Do you think you have more on your plate than Jesus? The Savior of the world? Well let me tell you, you don’t.

Take time to be filled

There is nothing wrong with sending the crowds away for a time of reconnecting with your Savior. In fact if you do not, you will not be able to fulfill all that He has for you to do. For it is only in His strength that we can do the job we are called to do. To care for our families and excell at work.

How to Pause and Get Away

Therefore, you do have Time to Pause and get away. Seek God. Close your eyes in sweet sleep, leaving your burdens with Him. Your family can do without you for 10-20 minutes a day. Let them know that you are going to refuel by meeting with your Creator. You can do it. You are commanded to do it.

Say to Him,” God, I love you. Today my burden is too heavy. Show me when to pause. Show me how to get away. Lead me to green, lush pasture land to nourish my soul. Lead me to streams of water so that I may not thirst. Lord, show me how to pause and get away. “

Get out your Bible and journal. Read God’s word. If you do not know where to start, start with John. John is a great way to see Jesus’s character. Or read from Psalms or Proverbs. Read than ask God for His direction and in site into His word. Breath and take time to hear what God wants to teach you. be filled with Gods Word and His Presence.

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