Using a Braindrain can Increase your Peace

Sleep well after using your braindrain

notebook and pen
Notebook and pen

Does your mind every get going so much that you cannot sort through what needs to be done now and what can wait? Do you have nights where you just cannot stop thinking of all that is on your place? Do you fear that you will forget that one thing you must do tomorrow and did not write down? Using a Braindrain can increase your peace and ability to sleep through the night. It will also help to keep you sane, keep you on track, as well as allow you to have a peaceful nights sleep.

What my Braindrain has done for me

peaceful sleep
Using the braindrain can increase your peace

The brain drain was a huge life saver and helped me in the months and years to come. It granted me the ability to have peace of mind as well as peace in my family life. This book allowed me to separate my ideas, giving me guidance and the ability to focus only on what I needed to be doing in the present and what could wait for another time. It helped me determine what I could delegate (which is very difficult for me to do) and what I really needed to do myself. Thus allowing me to have more time to plan, pray and play with my family. Freeing up my mind was a huge gift to myself. It has definitly been worth the effort of training myself to use the idea of writing things down as they come to mind.

How I learned to Braindrain

During my homeshcooling years, a mom in our co op taught a class just for moms, myself included, called Wings. She took us under her wing and mentored us. Her goal was to teach us what she had learned from her many years of homeschooling and being a mother. It was a beautiful class and a nice break in our day. One of the things she taught about that year was called a brain drain book. It impacted me more than anything else that year.

When I would spend about 5 minutes writing down all of those things cluttering my mind, I could lay my head on the pillow and sleep because I knew what I needed to remember was on paper and I could deal with the details another day. Peace would quickly ensue and sleep then fell upon me. Later, the next day I could look at that list to determine the next action step towards completing the task at hand. It was not forgotten and I slept like a baby. This is how using a braindrain can increase your peace.

How to Create a Braindrain

The brain drain is a book that you keep by your bedside, in your home office or other office, in your purse or where ever you are lible to have those nagging thoughts of “I need to do, and I cannot forget, or great pinterest idea there”. It needs to be handy so that you can grab it and jot down your thoughts ASAP. The faster you get it on paper, the faster you can drain your brain of those energy sucking must do’s. Using your braindrain can increase your peace.

Get it on paper

To start this process, just buy a journal type book, nothing very fancy, just a journal from the Dollar store would do. Here is a list of categories you could add though I wouldn’t use more than five of them:

  • Brain drain
  • Today/tomorrow
  • This week
  • This month
  • Someday/dreaming/planning
  • Delegate
  • Purhase/save for
  • School project
  • Craft
  • Home
  • Work
  • Recipes to find/try
  • Party ideas
  • Writing

After you lable your sections, as I said before, keep it down to 4 or 5, you are ready to start. I like to use post it plastic stickys for labeling. This is both simple and inexpensive. Post its are easy to stick and move around as needed. Write the name for each category on the sticky notes then pace them in the order you want.

Sections of your Braindrain

Leave this book where you can easily reach it whenever an idea pops into your head. Attach a pen or leave a pen near by. The first section is where you write all of these ideas when they first come into your head. Drain your brain so that you are free to think only in the moment, mindfulness style. When you wake up in the middle of the night with the greatest idea on how to organize your shoes you can write it down then go to sleep. No stress!! It will be there in the morning for you to decide what to do with it.

What to do with your notes

The next day or two or whenever you do your planning, separate your braindrain into their proper categories. At first there may be a lot to separate, but as you continue to keep this up, there will be less and less each day. When you write it down, it is easier to see what can be delegated. Whatever you can let go of, let it go. To your kids, husband, or even friends. Maybe you really wanted to make a cake for a speciel event but realize that if you did make the cake, it would rob you of your peace therefore the peace in your family. Making the cake would put to much on your plate. Leave the guilt behind and call a bakery and order one. It will be ok. Do what is important to you and delegate the rest.

Today and Tomorrow

There is a today/tomorrow section. These need to be done as quickly as possible. Don’t let these sit. Add them to your calendar or to do list first thing in the morning to ensure that you do not forget these. These get top priority in your day. Because you had them in your brain drain book, you did not forget to get these on the calendar. Success!

Next week and next month

Then there is a category for next week or next month. These things can a wait a little. Add them to your calendar so that a reminder pops up before the due date. Once you set reminder, you can let these items go as well until the reminder pops up to start working on these things. Again, freeing your brain for the task at hand, things that need to get accomplished today. You are free to let it go because it will pop up again when you need it to. Clear your mind and allow peace to fill you.

Finally there is the someday/dreaming category. These are ideas you want to do someday but just not now or even in a month. But someday. Things like buy a new couch and change the color scheme of the living room. Maybe your child has an important event coming up in a few months, write down a few ideas as they pop into your mind. They no longer have to occupy space in your mind, they are on paper. Your mind is now free.

You could add things like future vacaction ideas such as Disney World or France to the Dreaming section. Once you write it down, you can begin brianstorming how and when you can do what is on your dream list. Using the braindrain can increase your peace. wil happen.

Increasing your peace by using your braindrain

I hope you can see why using a brain drain can increase your peace. A brain drain is more than a planner or a to do list. It unclutters your mind so that you can rest, have peace and therefore sleep. It allows you to keep the main thing the main thing and limits the distractions that drive you crazy. Your mind is now free to be creative, it is free to do the things you’ve been wanting to do but were too tired and overwhelmed. Your mind is free to shut down and sleep.

Try this wonderful idea and I think you will be amazed at how quickly you will see results. You will be sleeping better, your anxiety will be down and you will find that you have more energy during the day.

Brain Drain printable

If you would like, I have added some free printable pages for your Brain Drain Book below.

You can use these printables in a 3 ring binder. They will help you get all your ideas on paper so your brain can be free to think about what is really important to you. It is a smart idea to get these good habits going before the holidays. That way , when the holidays roll around, it will be a piece of cake organizing and planning. All those ideas that go racing through your mind for gifts and decorations, for food and famiy times, will have a place to stay safe until you have time to put it together.

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