Peace through the Holidays Using a Daily Tracker

I know that it is only June, but the Holiday season can really sneaks up on you if you don’t start planning early. Maybe you are thinking, it is way to early to think about that stuff and get a plan together. But what it is not too early for, is getting good habits inplace so that when the time comes, you will be filled with joy and peace through the holidays. Using a daily tracker is a great way to start.

Side Bar:

Peace through the Holidays blog is not your typical planning blog. It is not just a site to go and get how to ideas. Bu instead, a blog to help you find a sense of peace through the holiday season as well as the whole year through. It is meant as a guide to set things in motion that will ease the strain when it comes to the last 3 months of the year so that you can celebrate the Birth of our Savior as well as Thank God for all that He has given us. In every way, experience peace through the holidays.

Getting Back to Good Habits Puts you on Track for the Holidays

Daily tracker

So to continue from the first paragraph, the good habit I want to focus on today is one that I recently picked up again after dropping it for what ever reason a few years ago. Daily tracking really helps me keep it together. It helps keep me honest about what I have or have not done and how much.

When I am not tracking, it is easier to lie to myself about how much water I drank or how many days I worked on decluttering the house. But, if I keep a tracker and mark each 8 oz glass of water, or every day that I spend working on decluttering I can see where the deficits are and where I need to focus my attention.

You can track anything that you want or need. If you want to make progress on a project, a daily tracker can help. Do you need to declutter a room or closet before the holidays, then a tracker can help. Do you need to drink more water, walk or work out more often? Checking it off daily can help to make sure your mind agrees with reality.

How to Start

Daily tracking is a very simple place to start with holiday planning. The more you have “on track”, and a strong habit in place, the easier your holidays will be. You won’t have to think about your water or work out, you will do this by habit therefore maintaining your health, which is very important during that time of your.

Steps toward Peace through the holidays

  • Buy a small notebook or journal to use for this project or just use notebook paper and a 3 ring binder.
  • Next, choose three to five things you would like to do better or a project you would like to make progress on. I stated with four things that were most important to me. Drinking water, walking 6000 steps a day, having a quiet time and writing. Two weeks later I was feeling pretty good about these four so I added 15 minutes of house work a day and three days a week, some time for me-respite time I called it. So now, I am up to six things to track.
  • After picking three to five items, make a list in your notebook. This list can be either for a day or a week. I do mine a week at a time, but I do know people what wrie it out bullit journal style daily at the top of that days page.
  • Weekly list: write the days across the top of the page. I only track five days a week. So if your goal is to drink 8 glasses of water, you can draw eight circles next to water for each day. If you want to work out three days a week, draw one box in three of the days.
  • Daily list: As stated above, you can add it to the top of your daily journal or planner page

My Daily Tracker and How it has helped

Daily tracker
Daily tracker

My daily tracker is done on an excell spread sheet. A week at a time. So, I typed my list down the side and Monday through Friday across the top. I was able to fit 4 weeks on one page this way so that I can see trends and patterns. What have I missed and what do I need to get better. I am a big picture person so this is very helpful for me. I hang it up on my bullitin board in my office so that I can see it as a eminderof what I am to accomplish. Check marks ae great rewardsfor me. I hate to go to bed with a box unchecked. The check list keeps me honest and keeps me moving forward.

Think about how good you will feel with these few things under your belt by November. Imagine that room you are embarassed to have anyone see, beautiful and decorated. Or the handmade gift you had been wanting to make for the last two years and never got to, what if you finished it by November? What if just by increaing your steps or workout by a day and increasing your water you drop a few pounds? Taking these small steps can lead to great change. As you look back, you will be able to see the hard work you did and celebrate. The rewards will be great.


Start now, start small so that you can be successful. Even if that means you track one thing in the beginning. Celebrate your sucesses. Watch the stress decrease as you get a few good habits going. Enjoy your family and the peace you will have as you watch the results of your labor come to completion. It is never too early to start good habits that lead to peace through the holidays.

If you would like some help with this, reach out in the comment section and add your email to subscribe. I would be glad to help you get on track so that the up coming months can be peaceful for you.

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