The Sunday Drive Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents speak of a “Sunday Drive”? I remember hearing this phrase growing up. But I am not sure we ever really did it. Or at least not purposefully on a Sunday. I believe the meaning behind it is to pause from your routine, and drive,Continue reading “Pause”

Summer Photos 2020

We had a very different graduation in our family. She is a strong girl. We planted a victory garden. And a wee before harvesting, found out our dogs like tomatoes. So we had to cage them it. We are about to finally see some harvest. There were some great family times amid the quarantine. RecentlyContinue reading “Summer Photos 2020”


Understanding Your Own Needs is a Key Component when Searching for Peace Thinking Ask yourself “WHAT AM I THINKING?” Take your time and put it together. I think in pictures so puting my thoughts into words, takes a lot of effort. In fact when I started this project, it took me a week and aContinue reading “Pause”

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