Understanding Your Own Needs is a Key Component when Searching for Peace



Ask yourself “WHAT AM I THINKING?” Take your time and put it together. I think in pictures so puting my thoughts into words, takes a lot of effort. In fact when I started this project, it took me a week and a half before I had words to write down for my thoughts. Not being able to put my thoughts into words made understanding my own needs more difficult.

My mind went straight to feeling. So, what I did after a week was write down my feelings, then try to work backwards. This helped me put words to my thoughts.

This was a real eye opener to me. I think all the time, but to sit down and put words to them was challenging. Once I was able to move past this step I could see and understand my needs more clearly.


The next thing to do is to ask yourself, “WHAT AM I FEELING?”. As I said earlier, feeling and labeling my feeling comes easy to me. But, being purposeful about sitting still and to feel my own body; noticing my shoulders, are they tense, then my head, neck and my legs and arms, this takes focus. My mouth, eyes and my forehead, are they relaxed or tight? My stomach and my heart, is there an uneasiness there , is there tension present? Write all of that down. Eventually, you will notice these things and be able to see when you are growing tired, hungry, tense or relaxed. Daily tracker

After learning to identify your thoughts and the feelings, you can then identify what it is that you need. Begin understanding your own needs.


Understanding your own needs
Identifying your need

What is the need behind the thought and the feeling? Sometimes it is not so easy to identify. Give yourself room, silence, and time to lay it all out. It might even be helpful to write or journal as you move through this process, even if it feels jumbled in your mind. It did for me at first. Understanding your own needs is key to finding peace. Your needs are God given to be fulfilled according to his design. If you can not identify them, then you rill try filling them with things that do not satisfy.

Is there something in your environment that must change? Or maybe something that you must change? Is there something you need to ask someone else to change? Identify it. This can be scary. It may require action on your part at some point. But not now. Now is the time to Pause and learn these things.

Action step to understanding your own needs

Next, read what you wrote back to yourself. Then, see if you can identify the thought, feeling and need. Keep a journal as you do this. Look for trends. Is there a need that you are overlooking? Is there a feeling that keeps returning over and over? Were you able to identify the thought before the feeling and then the need that may be unmet? Do this for a week or two and see what you discover. Pause to think, feel and understand your own needs.

Below is a simple example:

  • Thought: I just yawned, I’m struggling to keep my eyes opened
  • Feeling: I’m tired, my body is weak, sleepy
  • Need: sleep

Pause and Learn to understand your own needs

feeling at peace
feeling at peace

So, this week, my encouragement to pause is to begin understanding your own needs and how to meet them. When you do that you will have more peace in your life and be more able to focus on your family and others around you. You will also feel more relaxed, which has great health benefits; lower Blood pressure, heart rate and decreased cortisol levels. It is the starting place for self care.

To see more articles on how to pause and take time for yourself and God, follow the link below.

God said to love others as you love yourself. You cannot give of what you do not have. Allow yourself the time and ability to love yourself then you will be able to give love to those around you.

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