Planning for the 4th of July amid Covid

Family and the fourth
Fun on the Fourth

Celebrating amid covid

The 4th of July is quickly coming up. Celebrations are going to be a bit different this year with Covid still fighting strong. Large get togethers have been cancelled. Parades in our areas have been canceled as well as large fireworks shows. Even family get togethers will be smaller with the numbers of covid cases on the rise again. How should we begin planning for the 4th of July amid Covid?

This is how we do it-plan and play

Fill the ice chest and have fun

Our plans this years are small but include filling my ice chest with soda, water bottles and watermelon then dragging it outside. If you read my blog, you know how I love an ice chest full of fun. We generally do evening and afternoon activities so that our daughters can make it. When the kids were little, we would spend most of the day outside. It made the day go faster for the kids who just wanted to do fire works. We played games, talked and just acted silly. This year I bought water pistols for the waiting time between dinner and fire works. Even though my kids are grown, a little bit of silly creates memories.

Food for the 4th of July

We are trying to eat a bit healthier these days so we may grill chicken breasts along with some veggies outside. One of my daughters is going to make a pineapple whip (smoothie) for everyone. All I have left is to plan the dessert. I am a feeling person so that may have to wait until closer to the 4th. It could be something with fresh strawberries or I may just let the watermelon suffice. Remember the goal is to relax, enjoy your family, no stress.

I plan on getting the yard games out and my husband is making sure the pool is ready to go and the yard neat and tidy. Getting out and cleaning the yard is both good exercise and a great time to get away with God and talk. It is so rewarding to sit down at the end of the day and look at the green of the lawn with no trace of my two dogs, whom I dearly love.

For this small gathering for family and a few friends, we will go down the street and choose our fireworks from a large selection. We go to the same one every year. They know us there and always give us a great variety as well as a good price. As expensive as fireworks are, it is important to know your fireworks sales people. If you live in my area and want to know where we go, just send a comment in the comment box and I will let you know. Having your own fire works may be a great option when planning the 4th of July amid covid.


It as been very windy the last few days, I am hoping that it dies down to a dull roar before the weekend. The temperature is suppose to sore up in the 100’s, but I really enjoy summer holidays when it is hot outside. I love to sit under our covered patio, watch everyone play and hop in the pool now and then. I was hoping to have some tomatoes from our garden but our dogs got into them and ate all 6 of the ones that were almost ready. We have some more growing but they won’t be ready for a week or two. But, maybe I will have a small squash or two. It has been a rough garden season for us.

meat on the grill
BBQin’ on the 4th

Then after dark, we will shoot off fireworks in our back yard unless there is a fire warning. I am praying for just a little more rain before then. My daughters, even though they are adults asked for more small ones they can pop off like the bumble bees, snakes and sparklers. I am getting excited.

We are celebrating freedon

So you see, even in the time of Covid, we must celebrate our freedom. We have the freedom to choose our own careers. We have the freedom to worship as we choose which is not true of most of the world. The right to peacefully protest when we feel that there has been an unjustice. The right to vote for the leaders we believe will lead our country in a Godly direction.

This is an important holiday to teach our children about. Whatever side you stand politically, we all desire freedom and want it for our children. Many have given their lives for that freedom. Give a word of thanks if you happen to see one of our service men. Let them know you appreciate their service and the freedom you gain from their commitment and dedication.

Planning for the 4th of July amid covid may look a little different this year than in years past, but with a little work you can create memories. Go ahead, plan, pray and play with your family. Be safe, be smart as you do this. Have fun.

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