The Sunday Drive

Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents speak of a “Sunday Drive”? I remember hearing this phrase growing up. But I am not sure we ever really did it. Or at least not purposefully on a Sunday. I believe the meaning behind it is to pause from your routine, and drive, get lost, aimlessly moving forward in no particular direction. Take along a small snack and some water bottles. Dream as you go. Stop when you see something of interest and investigate.

How it started

This is something that my husband and I have been doing over the last year. It wasn’t planned, we just took a drive one Sunday. And on that Sunday, we decided we would continue north until the road ended and then go left or right until we could turn north again. We drove from the center of Oklahoma to the Oklahoma /Kansas boarder. After reaching the boarder, we did not feel compelled to go any further. We crossed the boarder and that was enough. We then turned around and headed home.

There was no agenda involved. Only to be together, talk, and listen to music. I think we stopped for dinner that first time, I can’t really remember. But I do remember the warm feelings that came from the conversations we had during the journey. I also remember how relaxed I felt at the end of the day. It was a break from routine. The feeling was freedom. I took the time that day to pause, break away from everything that was calling my name. Everything that needed my attention. There was peace.

Let’s Go

So now, about once month or so we say, “we need a Sunday Drive”. We hop in the car and pick a direction. Since we have been all four directions now we change it up some and follow different back roads. Or we may return home through some small town we never heard of.

This time, last weekend, we took some dirt roads, and crossed over an old wooden bridge that I wasn’t so sure about at the time, then over a cattle guard. We were somewhere south of Calumet, Oklahoma. The view was breathtaking. I forget how much beauty is in this great state of Oklahoma. The rolling plains, still green due to recent rains. Huge old oak trees with branches that have been guided and twisted in the direction of the winds. Then the miles of fields ready to be planted and/or harvested. Sitting back, taking it all in.

I started taking pictures to remember these trips. Maybe someday I will make an album. But I try not to get too wrapped up in the picture taking so it doesn’t draw me out of the moment. I need these simple moments to just be. I need to take it all in. The old and the new. The sites and the smells. I need to feel the freedom that come with a Sunday Drive to no where.

Time out for a Sunday Drive

If you find yourself needing to pause and get away from the world for a while, why don’t you try an old fashioned Sunday Drive. Grab something to munch on, a water bottle and hop in the car. Determine your direction and let the adventure begin. There are no rules. Get out of your rut and play. Share some windshield time with your spouse, child or a friend and listen to some good music. You never know what adventure may be waiting less than two hours outside your front door.

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