More Pictures of my Secret Garden

Last year we planted two black berry bushes. I meant to get more this year but just never got around to it. Although our bushes doubled in size from last year, the amount of blackberries we have gotten has been minimal.

At the start of july I planted 16 pumpkins inside the house and a two weeks ago, I replanted them outside. I read that I should give them plenty of room in between each plant. So I made my circle, each two seedlings, four feet apart. I plan on starting another 16 inside this week. I am so excited about the pumpkins. I cannot wait to see how many I get. I even considered getting a half barrel and planting a pumpkin or two then setting it on the front porch for my fall decor. It will be so much fun to show them off when the parties begin!

I planted a few more flowers around one of the pine trees, but that is about all I have gotten to. I’m taking it slowly. I plan on planting bulbs this fall.

Gardening has been a great learning experience for us this year. And I am looking forward to the fall parties, seeing the expressions of excitement as we pick our pumpkins and make a pie or two.

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