Journaling Your Thoughts from the Week

Throughout the week, as you read God’s Word, pray and spend time with God, there are thing God is showing you. Journaling your thoughts from the previous week is a great way to pause and refresh.

Personal Experience

Today, our church set a time where the church was open for anyone to come and pray,worship and meet with God. It was open 8am to 2pm. During the time I chose to go, only one other person came. Music was softly playing in the background and there were prompts around the room. I was able to pause from my crazy week and remember the things that God wants me to remember, learn and know.

At the end of my time there, I began journaling my thoughts from a scripture I had read this week. I made the scripture personal as I wrote, adding how God had done each of those thing in my life.

Next week I will focus on the ways God has answered my prayers, how God has pulled me out of the pit (Ps. 40:1,2)

Below is a copy of what I wrote during the time I paused to be with God.

Ps 40:1,2
You incline your ear to me
(Thank you oh God)
You hear my cry
(Maybe when no one else does)
You draw me out of a pit
(Of tumult when no one else knew I was there)
You lifted me out of the clay
(When I was stuck and becoming hard in my ways)
You set my feet upon a rock firm and steady
(When I was stumbling and struggling in the pit of clay, unable to get a foothold or even grasp the edge)
You put a new song in my mouth-a song of praise to You
(When all I could do was weep, complain and speak of the devastation I saw)
Because of this, many will see the change and begin to see You
And will trust You


The sections in parenthesis are my words

Processing your Thoughts

Journaling your thoughts from the week is a great way to process what God is showing you.

This weekend, find a comfy spot, indoors or outdoors or even a coffee shop if you dare. Bring whatever pen and paper inspire you to the table. Bring your Bible or even the You version to jog your memory.

Next, skim through some of the scriptures you read, what stands out? Who is being talked about? What were the circumstances? How did God work in the situation? What emotions did you feel?

Write one take away from your time journaling. Next week, what can you practice or focus on.

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