Experience the Change

I love this time of year. The start of fall. It brings back so many warm memories and floods my heart with joy. I love the colors, smells and sounds. And the taste; such a sense of peace. The ability to behold the change of season, and genuinely, fully breath it in, is a blessing we all need to delight in.

I remember driving with my children and becoming excited as the first yellow or red leaf appeared in my view. I would shout out to my little ones, “look out the window, its fall, the leaves are changing.” Oh to see the first sign of change, it put a smile on my face and a lilt in my heart.

See, Feel, Touch, and Taste

Do you take the time to see, feel, touch and taste the newness of the season? Do you notice the change of season? If not, I would encourage you this weekend to do so.

PAUSE, breath deeply, look around:

  • What do you see? The colors, the textures, the plants and animals? What about the sky, do you notice anything different?
  • What do you hear? Close your eyes and listen. Does the world around you sound different from the world a month ago?
  • What do you smell and taste? When you go outside, what does the air smell like? What tastes do you associate with the season we are in? For me it is pumpkin, apple and cinnamon.
  • What do you feel? Again, close your eyes, feel the air around you. Feel the crispness of the breeze. Feel the grass beneath your feet.

Take a Walk and Pause

Maybe you could take the family to a park (remembering to social distance of course). As you walk, stop and talk about each change you notice along the way. Even the air smells different, is it the dampness of the dew? Are the trees around you changing yet? What about the sounds. Are the geese flying over and honking, heading south? About a month ago I noticed the locusts getting louder. That signaled in my brain that fall was nearing. The long, hot days of summer were coming to an end.

In different parts of the US or the world, there are different sights, sounds and smells that signal your brain that the seasons are changing. When I lived in Turkey, one of the changes I noticed was the smell of chestnuts roasting along the street as well as charcoal burning to keep the homes warm. I felt so fortunate to experience the change of season in another country.

Pause, look, touch, smell and taste the changes. Relive some old memories. Experience some new ones. Relax, enjoy and thank God for all the richness He has given us with each changing season.

concrete road between trees
Experience the Change

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