Out Already!

I Can’t Find Pumpkin

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on facebook. Someone posted that somewhere, they couldn’t find canned pumpkin. I didn’t take it too seriously at that point. Then, a few days later, one of my friends posted that a local supermarket was out of canned pumpkin. Out already! It is just September! Are we hoarding pumpkin now? I was shocked and a little worried. Pumpkin is essential for the holidays!

I could make my own from fresh pumpkin, and in fact I probably will at least once. I learned how to do this living over seas. It really is not that difficult and tastes so good. The color is slightly less orange though. But, it is so nice to have a can or two when I get that pumpkin spice fever.

photo of pumpkins
Fresh pumpkin
Growing my own pumpkin

Hunting Pumpkin

So last Saturday, I told my husband we need to go out and look for canned pumpkin when we do our Saturday errands. I think he thought I was a little crazy. But I knew I could not be without pumpkin for the holidays, plus it really is time to begin stocking up.

The first store I went to, no canned pumpkin. Then the second store, no canned pumpkin. Out already? It is just September. Are we really going to do this again? But instead of toilet paper or PPE it is pumpkin! A wee bit of panic set in.

We hit the third store, finally, we found what we were hunting for. I told my husband to grab 6 cans. If I cannot get anymore, that will be enough. After all, I don’t want to be a hoarder. I Just want what I need to make it through holiday celebrations and family get togethers. And a can or two for pumpkin cookies, creamer or pumpkin bread a time or two.

Planning Ahead

This again made me realize the importance of planning ahead. Now I understand it will not always be this crazy. Eventually life will return to pre COVID days, at least I am hopeful. But, why not start by picking up canned goods and even a few frozen items. It will make shopping easier as well as ease your mind. It will also help financially in the months ahead to spread out the cost.

person holding digital cordless device
Picking up a few extras

When we were out shopping, I made sure to get some canned cranberries, canned condensed milk as well as sweetened condensed milk.

Since I know I will be making hot chocolate mix, I bought powdered milk as well. A few less things to worry about later.

So as you go, each week get a few items to stash away for the holidays. You will be amazed at how little changes like this will bring a small sense of peace.

Week by Week

The first week of October I will be posting week by week, my weekly guide to the holidays. It is part of my planner seen in the store.

person wearing gray and white socks near brown fireplace
More time for this

My goal is to help busy families find time to pray and play together as well as to have peace through the holidays. Planning is a key component in this endeavor. Please follow me over the next few months and discover how to make peace through the holidays a reality.

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