Week by Week

Week 1

Are you ready to knock this holiday season out of the park? I am prepared to share a section from my planner over the period of 8 to 12 weeks to help get you going. Week by week holiday planning, little by little, you can and will get it all done. Making your way to peace through the holidays. Making memories as you go.

I know October seems early for planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And in some places, the weather just does not put you in the mood. But I promise if you start now, you will be blessed and so will your family. Maybe even put on some Christmas music, have a cup of hot tea or hot cocoa, grab your favorite pen and paper, and begin the list making.

Week one is simple. Six simple steps to a more peaceful you. These steps mostly entail list making. Relax, this will be easy.

After creating these lists, you will then have a place to jot your ideas as they come to you. Write them down and prepare to implement them.

Making Lists

week by week holiday plannng
Week by week holiday planning

Week 1

  • Create a list of all the people you want to buy gifts for. This includes family, friends, and co-workers
  • Make a list of those you want to send cards to (I do not do this but added this step because some people still do and maybe one day I will get the urge to send cards as well)
  • Start a list of decoration needs. If at the end of last year you said you wanted to get a new wreath, write that down. If you remember that some lights were broken from the tree, write that down. Also, make a list of gifts you want to make. This is absolutely necessary to start now if not earlier
  • Begin asking God for a scripture to focus on during the holidays. Maybe a theme that kept reappearing as you studied this year or just this month. As you get ideas on how to carry out that theme, write them on your list.
  • If you don’t already, start using your planner. You will need it. It will help to keep you sane.
  • Begin a master to do list/start brainstorming. Use this to record anything that comes to mind and then later you can move it to the list that most suites the idea. The brainstorm list may need to be something that fits into your purse or bag so anytime you have an idea, you can note it.

That is all for the first week. Simple. Wee by week you got this. Don’t let this holiday get away from you. Plan, Pray and then play. Enjoy your family as well as some me time built in.

You got this. Six simple steps to a more peaceful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Relax and enjoy peace through the holidays

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