Week by Week Planning

Week 2

How are you doing with the Week by Week Planning, Week 1? Have you made your lists yet. You can sit down and do that in no time. I know the problem for me is just sitting down. Once I grab my planner and make my self sit down, I can get a good start.

I completed my list of those I want to get gifts for, next I need to get the gift ideas written down. I also started brain storming but need to get to dos down on my Master list. These lists are great to keep in my purse for easy access when I am out and about. The other list I started was my baking list. I found a new recipe I wanted to give a try this year, Bourbon Pumpkin pie. So, I wrote it down as well as where I can find it when I am ready. And, I need to make my fruit cake so I really need to order the candied fruit now. It needs time to soak before the holidays. And believe me, homemade fruit cake is nothing like that cake in a can that gets passed around. It is moist and rich. A Canadian tradition from my Canadian family.

Scripture focus

Having made my lists, more came to the fore front of my thoughts that I need to be focusing on. I started to read through Luke this week. While reading, God confirmed that the two words that have been in my mind over and over this year are where I need to put my focus. Compassion and Expectation. I haven’t settled on a scripture yet, I have a few mulling around. But, if you have no idea at this point, sit down with God and His word and ask him. Read and meditate. Where is He leading your family? Is there a need or direction God is moving you toward. Take some time to pause, sit and be with God.

Now that these lists are started (not complete), it is time to move on to the next weeks list to help you have peace through the holidays.

October Week 2

Start Doing

  • Look at your list of people and start narrowing down what to get for them. Start gathering sizes and other information you might need, even dietary restrictions.
  • Start browsing as you shop whether online or going to the store. Record ideas next to the persons name. Jot down decoration ideas and where you saw them.
  • If you do not have a standing menu, start making one now for both Thanksgiving and Christmas day. If there are other gatherings you are responsible for, make those menus as well. Again, this is not final, just brainstorming and can be changed.
  • Look ahead to see what work parties, church parties and family parties you may need to attend during the next three months. What food will you need and can they be frozen ahead of time?
  • Start asking your family what some of their favorite fall and winter meals are. Make a list and add them to your weekly menu over the next three months.
Chicken pot pie!

In the planner I put together, there is a sample menu with all of the foods that are typically made and served over the holidays. As well as the grocery list to go with the menu.

Pumpkin rolls

Guests Coming to Stay

If you have guests coming to stay over night or for a weekend, then plan out each meal ahead of time, then make and freeze what you can ahead of time. There is a menu planning for guest as well in my planner. I used this many times.

That way, while the guests are with me, I can rest, check the menu and set out what needs to be set out. I am not stressed and overwhelmed by serving, it is already planned.


Let’s get moving and planning for peace through the holidays!!

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