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Start Planning Now for Peace through the Holidays

Do you ever feel like you are so behind, you will never catch up? Next you begin to think, if I’m so behind, why even try. It is such a defeating feeling. The list in your head keeps growing and growing and the stress continues to build. You even consider giving up. But if you start the holiday planning now, you can get it done and void the dreaded feeling that you will never get it all done.

I have been there many times. Overwhelmed and stressed out. Feeling like I will never get caught up even if I work 24/7 for days on end. But, I have learned since then and never want to feel that stressed again. Using my brain drain and my lists have enabled me to experience peace

If you start planning now for the next 2 months, you can avoid that feeling all together. You can feel successful and relieved .

Idea to keep the peace alive

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Holiday planning now

Here are a few things you can do today to start creating peace through the holiday.

Jot everything that comes to mind that must be done on a single page. Drain your brain. If it is on paper, you won’t forget it so you can let it go.

Next, separate that list into when to do: today, tomorrow, next week or month then future. Then delegate: you cant do it all, some things can be delegated to get done. Next the dream list: this is future, when you have time, space money and energy. Last is delete: things that are unnecessary, overwhelming and just too much.

A Great Start

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Holiday meal

This is a great start. Next , look back at my week 1 and week 2 lists, and do what you can. Start where you are. Don’t give up. The first couple of weeks, the lists are short and simple but will help the other weeks to com flow. It is all about brain storming, thinking and gathering.

Holiday planning now has never been simpler. My next post will be a combination of week 3 and 4 from my Week by week planning lists. Stay tunes. More tips to come as the weeks move forward.

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