Week 5 Holiday Planning

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Merry Christmas

There are only 7 weeks left until Christmas. And less than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving. If you have not started planning, it is time to get in gear so that you can experience peace through the holiday.

By now you should have your lists together, and your focus for the month of December to help you keep Christ at the center. You should have already done some shopping and begun making those handmade gifts or at least the plan for when these will be completed. Finally, you should have marked down on a calendar all of the holiday events you will be participating in this year so you get a good overall picture.

If you haven’t yet, take some time to rest and do something that you really enjoy such as read a book, go to the spa or take time to sit and people watch. What every you need to do to recharge before we get into the holiday season. I know it will be different and maybe not as many gatherings, but that alone can be stressful.

Moving on to week 5 we only have two items. This will give you time to check out the last 4 weeks and complete anything you have not completed.

Week 5 Holiday Plan

  • Focus your energy on finishing the gifts you started to make. Set aside gifts that are not coming together. Begin writing a Christmas letter or update if that is something that you do. I work on a 4 week Advent for my family.
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  • Read Luke 2 a few times this season. What is God saying to you. Meditate on it. Did you notice anything new or does anything stand out that has not before.
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Luke 2

I am not saying to put away homemade gifts that are incomplete. I have a few more things to make myself. But I have put myself on a time line to complete these. Have a plan so that you are not overwhelmed the second week of December.

So this week, creative and start making those homemade gifts you enjoy making. And second, spend time with Jesus. Ask him to show you something new. Write a Christmas update or cards.

greeting cards
Christmas cards

You can do it. Make a list, work through it, plan and complete. You will have peace through the holidays!

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