Week 6 an 7 Holiday Planning

I have combined these 2 weeks because the list for week 6 is so short. And I want to focus on Thanksgiving this week as well as week 8.

Week 6

Over the course of the week, decorate your home for Thanksgiving if you have not already. I am considering putting up my main Christmas tree depending on if we have room with the table.

Buy the gifts you wrote on your list as time and money allow. As you buy them, wrap and label them. If you have to mail gifts I suggest doing it soon because shipping is running behind in general.

If one of you stay home and work caring for the home, as your spouse how they would like you to help them keep up with upcoming events. That should not be too hard this year. A large calendar in the kitchen works for my family.

Week 7

Week 7 begins with getting as much of the shopping done as you can. This will really ease the strain in the preceding month.

If you are making cream of mushroom soup from scratch for the green beans, make it this week and freeze it. Make enough for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Check the Thanksgiving menu and grocery list: purchase any additional, needed supplies.

Make and prepare the following to freeze before the big day: pecan, fruit a d pumpkin pies, celery and onion for the stuffing. You can make enough pie dough to freeze for Christmas.

Iron table clothes, vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms.

You can do this!

At this point, you can do one thing on the list a day. Or bake one item a day. However you wish.

The more you get accomplished this week, the more you can enjoy next week. Light some candles, turn on some Christmas music and start to work.

Work your way to having peace through the holidays.

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