Week 8 Holiday Planning: Covid style!!!

cooked chicken on white plate
Thanksgiving Day

7 Days Until Thanksgiving

Where are you on your lists? Did you make a list for gifts and a menu? Have you put events on the calendar? Is there a theme or a focus coming to mind? Great Job.

If not, right now just focus on Thanksgiving. Are you having people over? Are you going to someone else’s house? Or are you staying home and having a social distancing celebration with those you live with?

Before the weekend, check your menu and the ingredients to make all the food you need. Then make a grocery list. double check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer for all needed items. Order or go out and shop for the last items needed.

Week 8 list plus covid supplies

items organized on shelves
Get the groceries
  • Prepare Thanksgiving dishes, get some pies in the freezer, and the homemade roll. If you want, you can buy frozen rolls.
  • Final touches on the house, each day finalize a room
  • The day before you can set the table, dishes and all, cover with a clean sheet. One less thing to do on Thanksgiving.
  • I have made a schedule for the day of. when to get each item in the oven, make the whipped cream, take everything out of the freezer.
  • Covid extras: hand sanitizer in all rooms and clean all surfaces with disinfectant

Covid Plus

My day job is as a nurse working with elders who are at home. I have made some suggestions to the one who have told me they were going to have a few family members over no matter what. Here are some things I came up with:

  • Set a small table at the door with hand sanitizer and paper masks. You can draw leaves or smiley faces on the masks. Or even have the guests write something they are thankful for o the mask.
  • Put bottles of hand sanitizer on the table, decorated with Thanksgiving colored ribbon. Have fun with it.
  • In the bathroom do NOT put out hand towels no matter how cute they are. They spread germs. Tear off enough paper towels for 4 for each person coming. Fold and stack them in a bowl or basket for family and guests. Also put antibacterial wipes with a sign for family to wipe down the surfaces they touched. If you have someone who is 65 plus, this is very important.
  • It is ok to use paper plates, napkins and cups to keep down germ spread.
  • No hugs!! No matter how tempting. Fist bumps, air hugs, wave hand in the air, say kiss, kiss.
  • Have enough paper to have new plates for refills
  • Do your best to space out- 6 feet. You can play games and have conversation starters. I found a game on pinterest called “What’s in your cell phone”. This game can be done at a distance.

Have a great, week. Remember to Thank God for all of your blessings. He has redeemed us from our depravity. He has given us so many gifts. Do not let this day go by with out saying “Thank you God!”

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