5 Things to do with Left Overs

What to do when you planned for 12 guest and ended up with 6

The actually is a down side to planning ahead, especially in a pandemic. When COVID began to spread again and it was strongly suggested to stay apart again, those of us who planned early were left with an abundance of left overs.

As grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles decided along with our family it was best to stay home, I began wondering if I should actually cook that 20 lb turkey and make as many side dishes. The problem was, I had already purchased everything except a very few items. So, I decided to cook it all. After all, my family loves left overs and we have 2 college students who like good food.

So, here is a list of 5 ideas on what to do with the left overs:

  • Turkey pot pie-cover the bottom of a pan with stuffing, next the turkey, then mashed potatoes, cover that with gravy and top with a pie crust, cook until heated through
  • Turkey and pasta-make a rue with butter and a tablespoon of flour. Add milk (about a cup), season with salt and pepper to taste. I added diced mushrooms and spinach and a touch of turmeric. Finally add diced turkey , cooked pasta and some fresh spinach. Oh so good.
  • Thinly sliced turkey and sslmon with a baked brie and crackers for an easy meal to put up the tree. The key to a good baked brie is simple-a jelly, a nut, a fruit, and an herb. Cook until hot and bubbly.
  • And of course turkey sandwiches-my favorite is to just slap a slice of the breast on a roll with some mayonaise and cranberry sauce. Yummy!
  • Turkey pizza is a great one to try with some mozzarella and mushrooms

I hope you all enjoy these suggestions. They are simple ways to use up the extras.

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